AGSEF (AFRICAN GOVERNMENT STAKEHOLDERS ENGAGEMENT FORUM) is an initiative founded and convened by The Just Ibe Company, The Association of African Startups in partnership with Arielle for Africa and other African stakeholders.

Every year a theme is developed and deliberated upon in an effort to unify practices across the continent across varying STRATA of society.

We want to create an educational and youth development eco system that serves us as Africans as it delivers an environment that breeds creativity, entrepreneurship, collaborations, investments as key drivers to economic growth and development.

Our Team

Maha Jouini

Chief Ambassador, African Government Stakeholders Engagement Forum


Just Omomo Ibe

Founder, African Government Stakeholders Engagement Forum


Edith Njage

Co-founder, African Government Stakeholders Engagement Forum


This annual event is the first of its kind is set out to gather presidents, heads of state and ministers to discuss the ills of Education and youth development in African countries.

We hope to identify why we don’t have a sustainable and consistent practice that is not comparative with global standards and design FRAMEWORKS that serve as solutions that will be implemented and enacted into law across the 55 countries in Africa.

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