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Ethel Naa-Eke +233509708608 To get to know the ways problems of the youth of various African countries can be identified and the strategic measures that can be put in place to conquer such problems. This will enable a better and sustainable youth growth and development as well as continental development. Jun-27-2023 21:33:55
Anuoluwapo Somoye 08023195947 To get more insight May-03-2023 21:49:36
Joseph D. Adebodun +231 777 007 287/+231 886 498 699 My expectation is to learn from other Panelists experience as relates to the African Youth; challenges and way forward. Sep-20-2022 13:24:29
Laolu Afolabi 08023865616 I expect the event to be very insightful on how to be closer to one africa agenda by 2063 Sep-20-2022 07:23:27
Adesuwa Omueti +234 702 623 3065 I expect the outcome of the event to be really insightful and create a space where Africans get to thrive and are put at the forefront. Sep-20-2022 06:55:29
Sylvia Mwitumi +254700042818 To learn about women's involvement in shaping the future of Africa Sep-20-2022 05:07:02
Betty Matharu 0722367065 Learn more about education reforms and how it’s impact on sports education Sep-20-2022 04:52:49
Irene Wagema +254722707492 Ensure inclusion and diversity is addressed at all levels of education Sep-19-2022 19:14:09
Bethelehem Yirga 301-266-5936 To learn about, connect with and further contribute to the vision. To be involved in developing the outcomes of the conference. Sep-18-2022 21:54:49
Taiwo Sonuga 08160803608 Growth Upgrade Sep-18-2022 16:45:09
Uchenna Ekumankama 08072442037 To be enlightened Sep-17-2022 16:55:47
IAN ABDALLAH +39 345 437 8583 new ideas Sep-16-2022 22:00:06
Ida Mwikali +254724319670 To gain knowledge and have a deeper understanding as this is an area that's not my regular Sep-16-2022 13:46:18
Caleb Kofi Darkwa 0200104620 To gain more on the stakeholders engagement. Sep-16-2022 09:42:41
Faith 07049155665 Strategic insights for future opportunities Sep-14-2022 19:34:01
Onome Bominuru 08085806313 I expect to have more insight into the development challenges facing African countries and also have an understanding of the solutions that can be deployed. Sep-13-2022 10:15:57
Just Ibe 08085901597 Alot Sep-11-2022 06:00:34